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Anabolic Mass Stack

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anabolic stack

My New Anabolic Mass Stack Can Pack On 6, 9, 12,
Up To 17 Pounds of Very Ripped Muscle in Only 8 Weeks!

Hi, Paul Becker here, I'm a "bodybuilding and fitness consultant" and I currently have a World-wide client base of over 2,000 bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes - many names which you would easily recognize. I also have written and published some of the fastest selling, most informative books on bodybuilding and fitness ever produced. But enough about me...let's get down to business. The reason I'm writing this is to legitimately prove to you that a legal supplement cycle can match the Muscle Building and Fat-Burning effects of real anabolic steroids!

Yes, I know, you've been told this before..."steroid like results using supplements" only to be disappointed because you did not transform into what a real steroid user looks like.

But please, go back and reread the top of this message. It says, "I'll Prove the Muscle-Building Gap Between Supplements and Sane Steroid Use Is Closing!" The word "sane" is important, because it qualifies my statement! Sane steroid use was common 30 years ago...insane steroid use is what's common today.

Sane use is a few hundred milligrams of Deca a week, a touch of Anavar, maybe a cc or two of "test" every 10 - 14 days!

Insane steroid use is a few thousand milligrams of Deca a day, a ton of Anavar, and 10 cc's of "test" a day. Yes, a DAY!

But here's the real truth! You know it, I know it! The pros being used to promote supplement companies products today are insane juicers. Sure, you can get some results from the stuff they promote...but since their interpretation of "steroid like" means 2000 - 5000 mg's a day, it's clear to see why so many people are not satisfied with the results they get from the products these guys are promoting. You won't get a "2,000 - 5,000 mg a day steroid like effect" from any "OTC" matter how much you take.

Let's lower our expectations a little to what my interpretation of "steroid like" means in relationship to legal supplements, 400 - 600 mg's a week is sane steroid use. But listen...this is utterly amazing because 400 - 600 mg a week is what Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia competitors took 30 years ago! And let me tell you...these "sane juicers" looked awesome. They were shredded with super tight mid-sections, but with plenty of size, and they looked healthy! And most of them looked good all the time because they could easily tolerate these moderate they stayed on them longer.

You can live with this look, can't you? Looking like a top notch guy looked back in the 1970's. No, you probably wouldn't be a pro by today's standards with this type of sane approach...but you'll still look more buffed and muscular than 99% of everybody at your gym and 99.9999% of everybody in mainstream America, which is the look all of the "finest" chicks go for! won't go broke either or go to jail, maintaining this type of appearance.

So, having said all this, and after honestly "qualifying" what steroid like means, here are the exciting details about this incredible legal stack that can replicate the anabolic actions of sane amounts of real steroids!

First, let's look at how steroids work. Anabolic steroids build muscle rapidly due to three important factors:

1) The Anabolic Factor, meaning the building up of muscle tissue by better use of dietary protein and higher nitrogen retention.

2) The Androgenic Factor, meaning development of masculine characteristics such as aggression, strength and muscle mass.

3) The ATP Factor, meaning the body is able to products more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which it the energy or fuel muscles need to forcefully contact.

Ok got it? Good. Now let me tell you about how I stacked together legal supplements in an effort to reproduce the three powerful effects of anabolic steroids.

The Anabolic Factor

The first anabolic compound in this stack is called ECDY-BOLIN. It's a naturally occurring steroid found in plants called Ecdysterone, as it's chemically known.

Maybe you've heard of Ecdysterone, and if you have, then chances are you're already convinced this supplement stack can truly replicate actual "steroid like" muscle growth and body composition alterations! That's because a Russian study on Ecdysterone, showed it has wider array of anabolic actions than the steroid Dianabol.
(Farmakol Toksikol. 1988 Nov-Dec;51(6):57-60.)

The first thing I notice when I take Ecdysterone is what seems to be "new vascularity". But what's really happening is a process called erythropoiesis, which is the increased manufacturing of red blood cells which carry massive amounts of nutrients and oxygen to every part of your body. Ecdysterone "pumps" are almost indescribable and have to be experienced to really be appreciated, but a close parallel would be the sensation of intravenously pumping 6 liters of new blood into your body. And Ecdysterone pumps last practically forever...many hours after training.

The second and third things I notice from Ecdysterone is its powerful lipotrophic, or fat-burning effects, coupled with its strong nitrogen retaining properties. The body takes on a "sinewy" look similar to a "Deca" appearance...with very striated, yet very full muscle belly's, due to dramatic increases in protein synthesis within the muscle cell.

The fourth thing I notice is... I crave lots of food, good muscle building food! My appetite goes nuts and I get huge...but "muscular huge", not fat and sloppy huge. Again, the main reason for this is because Ecdysterone increases red blood cell production, which then facilitates better delivery of food thus increasing its utilization. I get so hungry because all the nutrients are being used so efficiently and quickly to build new muscle...that the body wants more food to continue the process! My secret is I take at least 600 mg a day.

Now are you beginning to see how it might be possible to get sane steroid like results using legal, "OTC" anabolic alternatives?

Onward to the second anabolic compound in this awesome stack.

The Androgenic Factor

ANDRO-STACK is a androgenic formula of 10 different supplements that work synergistically to boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

This Amazing Anabolic Compound Is Highly Androgenic, Highly Anti-Catabolic And Highly Anti-Estrogenic. To Help You Get Strong, Hard, Shredded.

When I take ANDRO-STACK I always get very rapid muscle mass and incredible strength gains. But what really sets ANDRO-STACK apart from all other androgen compounds is it's built in estrogen blockers! You guessed it! ANDRO-STACK have never given me gyno, water retention, or body-fat elevations...or any other nasty side-effects associated with estrogen...that's why it gives me such extreme muscle hardness!

So not only does it get me very big and very, very, strong, it also "tightens and muscularizes" me like crazy.

Another huge factor that places ANDRO-STACK on a completely different level is its equally impressive ability to free testosterone levels so it can do what it's intended to do like build more muscle, burn more fat and dramatically increase strength. I also get a big boost in the bedroom, if you know what I mean!

I get freaky muscular and freaky ripped after stacking ECDY-BOLIN with ANDRO-STACK.

Now if I stopped here, with just ECDY-BOLIN and ANDRO-STACK, you'd still be taking a "double stack" that is as potent as practically anything you can get legally. You cannot help but look significantly more shredded and muscular with these two compounds! In fact, the only way you won't look more muscular than you've ever looked in your life is if you forget to take them...seriously!

But just in case all this is not quite good enough for...keep reading!

The ATP Factor

I remember back in the 80's there were many supplements being sold as steroid replacements such as Smilax (what a joke), Boron (rhymes with moron), etc. bottom line - none of them worked! Then is the 90's creatine was released and it was the first supplement that real users were saying gave them "steroid like" results. Not only did they get bigger, harder and stronger muscles but they would gain 5 to 8 lbs in just a couple of weeks while getting leaner. And that is why I think creatine should be a part of any good mass building stack.

But wait, before you say "Yawn, creatine is old news dude", I'm not taking about your grandfathers creatine here, what I've added to this stack is the most high tech form of creatine including special anabolic boosters - it's like creatine on steroids!

The final nail in the coffin for never using prescription anabolics again is PUMPED EXTREME the most powerful, yet legal, version of creatine ever invented.

PUMPED EXTREME contains a combination of Kre-Alkalyn, L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vanadyl Sulfate. What more can you ask for? This amazing 1-2 punch could easily put more muscle on you than your last 6 creatine cycles combined!

Here are my benefits from PUMPED EXTREME: no hassle, ready to use stabilized capsules, it's easy to digest - I get no gas or bloating, I get instant strength and wicked muscle pumps that help me train harder & with more intensity than ever before. And certainly, I know that lots of "anabolism" is going on inside my muscle cells due to the increased hydration!

Here's something else you need to know about PUMPED EXTREME ...and that is...many guys gain up to 10 pounds just taking it...ALONE! And now you're going to stack it with ECDY-BOLIN and ANDRO-STACK!!! I told you this stack can finally bridge the gap between legal supplements and prescription steroid use.

At this point, I'm sure you're dying to get your hands on this incredible stack, right? Well, this very exclusive Super Muscle Blasting Stack offer is available by calling this Toll-Free number: 1-800-635-8970 (10am to 6pm PST) Or you can order below using our secure online ordering system.

Orders are shipped via Priority Mail (in the US), so you could start getting huge in just a few days!

Yours for sane steroid like effects,


Paul Becker

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